We have exactly what we earned

On Saturday, the Ministry of Health announced the registration of 6,274 new infections with the Corona virus. 17 patients died as a result of COVID-19, and 58 patients died from coexisting infections with other diseases.

The largest number of infections was recorded in Lubelskie County – 1446 and in Mazowsze – 1254. The lowest number in the county Luboski district – 95 and in the Opole region – 87. Hospitals treat 4559 people infected with the Corona virus. 399 patients were connected to ventilators.

More information about the current situation of the epidemic in Poland and in the world can be found on the main page Gazeta.pl

– We have been predicting for several weeks that a wave will come in the fall. The only sticking point was the size in this wave. The wave is practically left for the element at the moment. Let’s agree that at the moment there are no institutional barriers, people meet, there are weddings, and children are in them schoolspeople at work. There are no restrictions, so the virus spreads freely – comment on polsat news Dr. Paweł Grzesiowski, Supreme Medical Council expert on COVID-19.

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Poles love semi-documentary films. They must also love sarcasm – “The Office PL” is a powerful engine

The eastern wall pays the price for poor vaccination

According to Dr. Konstanty Szodrazinsky, Head of the Extracorporeal Therapy Center at the University Hospital in Krakow, and a member of the Prime Minister’s Medical Council, “We have exactly what we have gained.”

– If we claim that there is no epidemic, if we do not use any personal protective equipment, if we believe that removing the mask will end the epidemic, then the situation is as it is – the expert commented.

“The leaders in terms of the number of cases are the province,” Dr. Lublin “We have the highest number of treatment cases out there. More than 90% of the critically ill are not immunized,” he added. ¶wiêtokrzyskie.

– The entire eastern wall, which has not been well vaccinated, is paying for it at the present time with serious diseases, a heavy burden on hospitals and, alas, life – he assessed.

Leaving the border guards a matter of time? “This is a drama”

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