May 30, 2023


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Young scientists can count on supporting their research

Young scientists can count on supporting their research

  • 30 years ago, the scholarship system was introduced in Poland, and young scientists began to work individually, and not just with professors
  • Commercialization of achievements and cooperation with business remains a weakness in Polish science
  • Grant and scholarship programs are sometimes supported by 1 percent contributions. Income tax

– they change in the financing system It also entails changes in ways of thinking about science – says the professor. Maciej ylicz, President of the Polish Science Foundation.

– 30 years ago introduced in Poland grant systemSo that young people can start working individually and not just with their senior teachers. I think he opened the Polish flag and made it happen Many scholars returned to Poland She continued her work here. The creation of the grant system was a revolution in the development of Polish science – this is confirmed in an interview with the professor of the Agency Newseria Biznes. Message Chili’s.

So far, in the START program – the largest and longest-running Polish program Scholarship Program For the youngest scientists who are just starting their scientific career – the Polish Science Foundation has awarded young researchers more than 3.9 thousand. Scholarships for a total amount of PLN 90.5 million. This money comes from the foundation’s budget and of 1 percent payments. Income tax ; Funds donated by donors and private companies.

As emphasized by the head of the FNP, Polish science has made a huge qualitative leap over the past 30 years, but its weakness remains. Marketing your achievements and your cooperation with businessmen. Therefore, the Polish Science Foundation, together with a British consulting company, is currently working on a new program, according to which scientists will be able to gain knowledge on the commercialization of research and create subsidiaries around universities and institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

The support of the Polish Science Foundation helps Polish researchers to continue their scientific work, make amazing discoveries, compete in the international scientific community and gain access to foreign grants or prizes.


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