This is the goal of NASA’s new mission.  It will start on October 5, 2023 – o2

On October 5, NASA will launch its next space mission. The American agency planned to launch a ship whose target would be the mysterious metallic asteroid Psyche.

Scientists are currently making final preparations before launching the mission. The asteroid was observed using the James Webb Space Telescope and also via infrared radiation.

The use of these tools aims to answer several important questions. Scientists are primarily trying to find out if there is water on the metallic surface of the planet Psyche. A clear answer to this question may allow for further observations, including: in the context of potential life forms existing on the asteroid.

Psyche is one of the most interesting objects in space. The asteroid, which is mainly composed of metal according to the research, is about 225 kilometers in diameter. It orbits between Mars and Jupiter in the main asteroid belt, and scientists assume that it is the remains of a fallen planet. Astronomers are also interested in Psyche because the research assumes that Earth has a core with a very similar structure.

However, it will take a lot of time for the space mission to reach the surface of Psyche. The spacecraft must cover more than 3.5 billion kilometers, and according to estimates by NASA specialists, the mission will reach its destination in August 2029.

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