NASA has stopped oxygen production on Mars.  The success of the experimental device

The MOXIE (Mars Oxygen Resource Utilization Experiment) instrument has been launched on the red planet 16 times. The last time was on August 7, thus ending the series of experiments. During this time, a total of 122 grams of oxygen were produced. NASA explained in a press release that humans need about 840 grams of oxygen per day to survive, which means the oxygen generated by MOXY will last for astronauts for approximately three and a half hours.

– MOXIE’s impressive results show that it is possible to extract oxygen from the Martian atmosphere. NASA Deputy Administrator Pam Milroy said oxygen could supply air or rocket fuel to future astronauts. She added: “Developing technologies that allow us to harness the resources of the Moon and Mars is critical to building a long-term presence on the Moon, creating a strong lunar economy, and enabling us to support the initial human exploration campaign on Mars.” .

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