It boils in the retina.  “This will not happen in Poland”
  • Strange refereeing decisions or failure to respond at the right moment have already caused anger at the European Championship. Polish coach Nikola Grbic made the sign of the cross after one of the actions. What happened in the European Championship semi-final should not have happened
  • Wojciech Maroszek is a Polish referee working the tournament qualifiers in Rio de Janeiro. It reveals where news comes from that we have never seen before in volleyball matches
  • One of the actions during the Polish match could not be verified, so despite the error on the part of the Whites and Reds, they did not lose a point.
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The second group of the match between Poland and Bulgaria in the Olympic qualifiers in Xi’an, China. The Whites and Reds lead at 20:16, but during a move, Marcin Janusz handles the ball before it falls into the car. Bulgarian national team coach, Plamen Konstantinov, requests video verification to prove the opponent’s mistake. It takes so long to check the situation that the Polish player, who wants to reduce the waiting time for the decision, admits to making a mistake, but after a while the point goes into the account of… white and red anyway. Chief referee Stefano Cesare conveyed through the microphone what everyone heard both in the hall and in the broadcast (this is also something new that we will write about later in the text) – the situation could not be assessed due to the lack of a suitable shot from the challenge camera.

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The other situation was Tuesday’s match between Belgium and the Netherlands, which unexpectedly ended in three sets for Emanuele Zanini’s players. The Belgians’ Italian coach noticeably points to his watch during one of the lengthy video checks, and after a while his players get a point. It is true that a shot was found from inside the field, but from this perspective from behind it is difficult to assess whether the Dutchman Wouter ter Maat hit the tape during the attack from the second line, or whether the ball collided with the Belgians’ defender. Blocked earlier. impact? The discussion ended with the referee giving a yellow card to the most active Dutch captain, Namir Abdel Aziz.

Should assessing the pitch situation really take that long? — As judges, we very quickly receive information about what the challenge demonstrated. The problem is how long we wait for the appropriate image to appear on the screen, and not the dozen or so seconds during which the challenge referee checks the situation – explains international referee Wojciech Maruszczyk in an interview with Przegląd Sportowy Onet. He is the referee of the qualifying tournament in Rio de Janeiro, where the first group competes. In the decisive matches of the European Championships that ended about ten days ago, there were no respected referees, due, among other things, to: from the struggle for influence in the European Union.

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