Fallout 4 Next-Gen currently looks better on PS5 than on XSX.  Graphics analysis in update

The DigitalFoundry editorial team decided to take a closer look at the current-gen update for Fallout 4. So let's check out the differences between the game on PS5 and XSX.

Unfortunately, the current-gen update (dubbed “Next-gen” by the publisher for some unknown reason) for Fallout 4 Not without problems. DigitalFoundry points this out Switching between Performance and Quality mode doesn't work on both Xbox Series Unlike PS5, where players can play in Quality mode, with improved graphical details (including better LOD), which can be seen in the third minute of recording. Quality mode on PS5 runs at 4K at 40fps (only on PS5, as the XSX does not currently support this mode).

More text below the video

“Switching between performance mode is currently broken on XSX and XSS. Fallout 4 is limited to performance mode only on Xbox, unlike PS5,” says DigitalFoundry.

The fact of this is also worth noting On PS5, there is virtually no animation drop in performance modeOccasionally XSX sometimes misses some frames (7 minutes of video).

“There is no doubt that PS5 owners currently benefit the most from this update,” says DigitalFoundry.

Remains for XSX/XSS owners Wait for the patch to fix the bug Which causes inability to reach quality mode.

By the way: Fallout 4 is going like a storm on Xbox, even surpassing Minecraft in terms of number of active players last week.

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