“Galimatias, or Kogel Mogel II” – do you remember the sequel to the bold comedy?  See if you can do it on the test

Adventure Ilona Lipkowska Her involvement in the world of cinema began very early, already in the late 1970s, when she played episodic roles in famous Polish films: Marble man I Protective colors. However, her path turned to screenwriting – in 1982, Lipkowska graduated in this field from the Łódź Film School. She made her debut a year later with a TV movie script Holidays with Madonna. Shortly thereafter, several years of very fruitful collaboration began between the young director and the director Roman Zalewski. The first result of their joint work is now a legendary comedy Oh, Carol From 1985. Three years later, another work by these two appeared in cinemas in Poland. I’m talking about comedy, of course mogil bullet, Which quickly gained great popularity. On this wave, work on the film’s sequel began almost immediately. This premiered on November 20, 1989 as Galimathias, or Kugel-Mogel II. The subsequent fate of Cassia and her family members also attracted crowds to cinemas.

Ilona Lipkovska: three actors who did not live to see the premiere of “Kogla-mogla 4”

Test from the second part of the movie “Kogel Mogel”!

How well do you know about the second part of the religious comedy?

Test yourself in the test!

How well do you remember the movie “Galmatias, or Kogel Mogel II”? Test yourself in the test!

Question 1 of 10

What is Kasia’s married name?

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