The cameras did not show that Sabalenka exploded after the defeat to Świątek [WIDEO]

matches I will heal you Z Aryna Sabalenka They are always very exciting. this time I will heal you Defeated Belarusian 2:1 After an amazing tie-break thus equalizing the result from last year. In May 2023, that’s it Sabalenka She defeated Świątek in the final of the Madrid tournament.

Aryna Sabalenka played very well in this match. She won the first set, and in the second set she was the first to break her opponent’s serve and advance. But in this edition, Iga Świątek quickly made up for the loss and tied the final.

The third set was an amazing show. I healed you and Sabalenka They played great. No wonder this match wasn’t decided until after a tiebreaker. Iga Świątek had her problems and defended herself against match balls. However, she mentally persevered in the crucial moments, and after a few moments alone She won the match ball.

Sabalenka was angry. She took out her anger on the racket

After winning the match ball I will heal you She immediately fell on the field and began celebrating her amazing big victory. After a moment, she accepted congratulations from her opponent and stood with her in the middle of the court to make a statement after the match and personally thanked her for the great competition.

It seems that this time Aryna Sabalenka restrained her emotions and did not show the anger hidden in her. Nothing could be further from the truth. The cameras did not show that after the defeat, the Belarusian went to the bench and tried with all her might several times. She hit her racket on the court.

Polish fans showed their understanding of the Belarusian’s behavior in the comments below the video above. They realize that defeat after such a match, in such circumstances, can cause a lot of negative emotions that have to find an outlet at some point. Aryna Sabalenka She is known for her temperament, so today such scenes no longer cause much shock among viewers.

Ega Svetek wins the final in Madrid! abbreviation. video /Associated Press/© 2024 Associated Press

Aryna Sabalenka/Clive Brunskill/France Press agency

Aryna Sabalenka and Iga Svetek/France Press agency

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