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This is one of the best isometric RPGs of 2023. Aliens: Dark Descent is available at a record low price


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14 December 2023, at 21:04

One of the best isometric tactical RPGs of the year, Aliens: Dark Descent, can be purchased from the Epic Games Store for a record low price. It was never this cheap before and probably won’t be cheap again soon.

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The Epic Games Store Holiday Sale started yesterday. It has brought a lot of promotions for games – in addition to a free Destiny 2 with three DLCs (a total of 17 titles are supposed to be given away for free over Christmas) – the prices of which can be reduced by 33% using a special coupon.

Many great products this way – including those that are still “fresh” – can be purchased at a record low price. A good example of this is Aliens: The Dark Descent.

In a recent review of Colony Ship, I wrote that it was the best isometric RPG of the year, alongside Baldur’s Gate III and Aliens: Dark Lineage exactly. However, the second item of comparison pleased me much more than the work of Iron Tower Studio. What exactly? So as not to repeat myself, I will post an excerpt of my comment below:

So, Aliens: Dark Lineage It is a very demanding, even austere, production. Is it a bad thing? On the contrary, if not, it can be boring. Even a good plot that started out like Hitchcock’s could not have saved him… […] We are dealing with one of the best elements in the universe alien. It has an atmosphere that evokes a connection to the film Alien: Decisive Confrontation James Cameron – unique gameplay that combines elements of a tactical RPG, RTS, stealth and survival game (resource management sometimes requires a lot of thought).

  1. Finally, Alien is a great game, but only for hardcore gamers

If you haven’t had a chance to play yet Aliens: Dark Lineage – For example, because you were waiting for a strong price reduction – it has just arrived. As part of the Epic Games Store’s Christmas sale, the game from Tindalos Interactive has been discounted by 38% – from PLN 140 to PLN 86.80 – but Using the above 33% discount coupon, its price can be reduced to PLN 58.16. Less so far he was not there And it probably won’t be soon.

You can benefit from the offer until January 10, 2024. Until 5:00 pm Polish time. You will do this by clicking the button below. You will learn how to use this discount coupon in this post.

Aliens: Dark Descent for PLN 58.16 on Epic Games Store (price with coupon)

I will mention that too Aliens: Dark Lineage Not only me, but all the reviewers and players liked it as well. Journalists’ reviews of the PC version of this production gave an average rating of 75 out of 100 Metacritic.com, scores for the latter – 8.1 out of 10. It is worth noting that the game was very warmly received by Steam users. Of the approximately 10,000 people who posted their opinion on this topic, 89% expressed their opinion on it Aliens: Dark Lineage Positively.

  1. Aliens: Dark Descent official website

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