Stellar Blade “in balance” is the best.  Digital Foundry about graphics modes

Digital Foundry shared its first impressions of the “Stellar Blade” demo, analyzing the three graphics modes available.

Experts found that Balanced mode offers the best compromise between smooth gameplay and image quality.

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In this mode, the game maintains performance at 60 frames per second while maintaining high image quality similar to 30 frames per second.. This allows players to enjoy the smooth animations, detailed textures and lighting effects that are essential for fast and dynamic gameplay, including a more immersive experience in the world of “Stellar Blade.”

The demo, available starting April 26, allows players to immerse themselves in the story For about an hourgiving you a glimpse of what they'll get in the full game.

The creators of Shift Up loved using Unreal Engine 4, delivering stunning combat scenes and character details. “Stellar Blade” is a promising title in the PS5 lineup that is already receiving positive reviews for its graphics and gameplay. Here's the full demo analysis from Digital Foundry.

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