The new PS Plus has started.  See the full view of tabs, games and services

First-time players can check out the updated and already launched PlayStation Plus – Sony invites you into a “new era of subscription gaming services” on PlayStation. Currently, new versions of the subscriptions are only available in select Asian markets, however, the offer will soon be available in other countries.

As we announced yesterday, PS Plus was launched in the first few regions, which Sony has taken over Welcome Message comprehensive offer Information summaries. The Japanese remind you of the advantages of each version of the service, show prices, confirm the availability of games twice a month and mention the addition of prizes to the selected titles.

Below you can find more interesting materials, because GameRiot has developed a video in which it shows very precisely all the new PlayStation Plus tabs. Initially, the editor selects one of the versions of PS Plus and updates the display – in Poland, instead of the “Deluxe” package, we will find the “Premium” alternative.

The list of games (yesterday we brought a number of items) from Asia is smaller than what Sony initially announced, but we can safely doubt that the list will be expanded at the beginning of June, when a much larger group of gamers will be able to see production.

The new PlayStation Plus will be available in Poland on June 23.

List of games in Asia region:

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