They will play the roles of Bella and Edward in the remake of Twilight.  The director revealed her favorites

dusk It is a film that tells the story of teenager Bella Swan, who, after moving to Washington, begins studying at a new school. There she meets Edward Cullen, who seems cold towards her at first. Despite this, a relationship develops between them, and over time, Edward becomes obsessed with her. The teens fall in love and then Bella discovers a secret: Edward and his family are vampires. The main roles were played by Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, who are still considered one of the most famous couples of cinema. Sure, some people wondered who could play Bella and Edward. The film’s director revealed who she is currently casting for.

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They will play the roles of Bella and Edward

Catherine Hardwicke revealed on Happy Sad Confused who she would play Bella and Edward if she were to make a remake of the film. Her favorites are… Jenna Ortega and Jacob Pink! Gina is an American actress of Latin origin, who gained international fame thanks to her main role in the series Wednesday. As for Jacob, he is Australian and is considered one of Hollywood’s promising stars. He played, among others: in the series Euphoria. He also played the role of Elvis Presley in the movie Priscilla. Do you think Jenna and Jacob would be a good choice?

in the end

Do Jenna Ortega and Jacob Alordi fit the roles of Bella and Edward?

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