March 24, 2023


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Stenka will play Gołębiewski in one movie.  It will be a journey through time

Stenka will play Gołębiewski in one movie. It will be a journey through time

Danuta Stinka Some time ago she revealed that she would like to play the role of Kashubian. The actress comes from Kashubia. She was born in Syrakovice, near Kartozy, in the Kashubian Lake District.

Now it is a chance to act in a movie associated with a region close to the actress’s heart.

Fifty years ago, it had its first show The cult series “A Journey with One Smile”..

Many people still remember the wandering teenagers Boldek and Dodo, who traveled through Poland from Krakow to reach the mothers of boys waiting in Hel.

Philip obodziński played the roles of cousins ​​arguing without interruption Henrik Gubivsky.

She played the hiking queen, who takes care of the boys in a secret way Alina Janowska.

Sulęczyna’s To Want to Want Foundation is working on a film that references the legendary series The Journey of One Smile.

She invited Danuta Stenka from Kashubia and the actor who played the cute Poldek half a century ago.

Both were satisfied with this cooperation. They met on the set and immediately liked each other.

In the plot referring to “The Journey of One Smile” They will play the role of grandparents who tell their granddaughters about the magic of Kashubia.

Girls who are encouraged by their elders will travel from Warsaw to the magical land of their grandparents’ childhood.

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Henryk Gołębiewski has revealed that he is happy to accept the offer to play in the aforementioned film. It was a real travel for him.

In addition, working with such a popular actress was a real pleasure for him. Danuta Stenka was also satisfied with the cooperation with the actor, whom she can admire in films from her childhood.

Will this collaboration lead to more joint career plans?

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