Foreign Skies – Drama Polish family in Sweden, social services take the child

The problems were caused by different legal standards, but also by a different approach to dealing with many issues than the one we know. What is not a major problem here may turn out to be highly reprehensible elsewhere. vice versa. In this case, it is about a different understanding of children's rights and a different approach to social care.

Basia (Agnieszka Grochowska) and Marek (Bartłomiej Topa) are a couple who decide to move to Sweden. he Football coach, who takes the local girls' team under his wing, takes care of the house and earns extra money as a masseuse. Their relationship didn't always go well, but now there's a chance for a new life. better. They have a daughter, Ola. This will involuntarily become a source of problems. It's enough that one day she said something that wasn't necessarily true. However, this led to an avalanche. Local social services spring into action, convinced that a child is being harmed in this family. At first Ola's parents didn't really understand what the problem was. However, the machine moves forward and operates in accordance with Swedish law. The result is that the child ends up in a foster family, the parents fight an ineffective battle to get the child back, and finally decide to take desperate measures.

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