Sally Kellerman is dead.  She caused a sensation in the series "Mash" when she was 84 years old

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Sally Kellerman in film About the US Army “MASH” depicts an old lady in the US Army Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan. Director It was Robert Altman. The actress passed away on Thursday. She was in a nursing home because she had been suffering from dementia for years. Information about her death was provided by the star’s son, Jack Crane.

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Hana is not about the situation in Ukraine. Other stars also took the word

Sally Kellerman is dead. What films have you worked in?

The actress was not only known from “Mash”. She also played in “Star Trek”. In the third episode, “Where No Man Has Gone Before”, she appeared as Dr. Elizabeth Dehner, Companion Star Fleet. She gave her life to save the crew. In her last words to Captain Kirk, she said:

Sorry, you can’t tell what it’s like…almost to be a god!

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Sally Kellerman was particularly linked to screenwriter and director Rick Edelstein – but that marriage fell apart. In 1980, she married producer Jonathan D. And the actress’s daughter died six years ago.

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