Daniel Olbryshski is 79 years old, and he does it every day!  All this to look like Adonis – Super Express

Daniel Olbryshski has a body like an Adonis

Daniel Olbryshski He's not one of those guys who can stay in a chair in front of the TV for hours. Despite the passage of time, the artist still wants to enjoy a muscular body and, above all, fitness. That's why not a day goes by that he doesn't train, and thanks to that he is in better shape than many of his peers. – My health is even good. As the saying goes – I'm a stickler – The actor smiles in an interview with “Super Express”. – At my age, when a person wakes up and is not in pain, it means he is dead – Olbrychski joke.

He does 100 sit-ups a day and practices boxing

The star told us the secret of his amazing appearance. – I start every day with a hundred sit-ups, then boxing and cycling. In the saddle several times a week. I'm still in good shape – Mr. Daniel assures us. The artist does not have to use public gyms. He has his own house in his house, which is equipped, among other things, in an exercise bike. In addition, he has a horse farm near his home, which he visits several times a week.

Maintains fitness for work

The star is fully aware that the profession he practices requires physical fitness. Thanks to the fact that he still looks like a young god, directors are still looking for him and he can make a living. In recent years, he has mainly worked abroad, but from May 17 you will be able to see him in a Polish series “A Simple Matter” on Canal+.

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