Celine Dion pays tribute to Jean-Pierre Ferland

Celine Dion paid tribute to Jean-Pierre Ferland, the day after his death, in a message posted on social network X (formerly Twitter) Sunday evening.

“You wrote me kisses that made me shine brighter than all the stars. Court life took you with love notes from my room at the Hotel Saint Amant. The girls you loved so much are still crying mournfully at night. Farewell Jean-Pierre I will always love you.

Then singer Mr. Ferland explained in English who he was.

“Jean-Pierre Ferland was a French-Canadian poet and songwriter and TV host, a real man who loved women, wrote hundreds of songs that became part of our lives,” he explained. Two of them were written for me, which created a strong bond between us. I pay tribute to him using selected lines from these songs. Rest in peace dear friend, you will be in my heart forever.

Recall that Jean-Pierre Ferland died on Saturday at the age of 89 of natural causes.

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