'Close' is a movie every parent should watch [RECENZJA]

The film won this year’s Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival, and the director made his debut there in 2018 with “Girl”. Then he won the “Golden Camera” award for best directorial debut. “Close” premiered in Poland at the 21st New Horizons Film Festival, and was hailed as “the tearjerker of the year.” It can also be seen in September during the Konfrontacje Filmowe Film Festival, revitalized by Gutek Film.

The main characters are 13-year-old Léo and Rémi, who are friends and spend every moment together. Involved Movie It lasts for a year, starting and ending in the summer. And the image itself can be divided into two parts, which means that the first and last holiday will be completely different from each other.

We meet the main characters in an idyllic setting. They spend all their days in carefree enjoyment in the views of flowering meadows or deserted basements. They also spend their nights together, sleep at home and tell each other bedtime stories. The frames are framed in such a way that my thoughts while watching these scenes myself, take a moment back to my childhood, when I was enjoying every moment I spent outdoors with my friends.

“Śubuk” – a strong candidate for the audience award. We made him a little angry.

However, Arcadia ends when she returns to school. And all this to a new school, where others will meet on their way Children. They will not always be friendly with them. They will be curious and direct with Leo and Remy. Their close relationship will stand out on the school playground during the break. Eventually, someone will ask them if they’re a couple, which connects one enough to get away from the other. Léo will want to integrate more with the company, leaving his friend alone. He’ll start playing with the senior class on the hockey team, a perfect contrast to the hobby of Remy, who plays oboe.

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These events will lead to a tragedy after which the destinies of the boys will pass once and for all. Then it starts falling off the screen, and the second part of the movie you set. The ideal picture turns into a gloom of pessimism. Leo dedicates himself to any activity so that he doesn’t think too much about what’s inside. He plays more hockey and helps his parents with that work on me can Pink.

After some time, spring comes and the protagonist becomes more and more unable to cope with the lack of his former companion. He tries to find alternatives in his other teammates or in his brother, but it’s different. Leo was no longer the same innocent boy.

The Belgian director deals in his work with a fairly common topic of growth, but from a completely different angle. Aside from showing the reality of school is difficult for young people, it also highlights how unfair the unwritten rules of masculine friendships and ‘masculinity’ are. Boys are taught from an early age that they can’t show each other the same way they can girls. They should always be stiff and complex. At this point, I remember the title of T.Love’s song, “Chłopaki nie crying”. These words perfectly reflect what the patriarchal world has been teaching us for generations.

Broad peak is not crap. Sometimes breathing is short [RECENZJA]

Another topic introduced in Closing is learning to deal with the greatest adversity and accept what has already happened. The film is really touching and can safely be described as ‘coming of age’ as we notice a profound change in personality related to maturity.

In this production, the viewer could find himself. Both a person who lived years ago and a contemporary, who will be able to think after examination what remains of the “inner child” in him. The movie can also make you think about how, over time, we have become so concerned about other people’s opinions, become concerned about ourselves, and start thinking more with “minds” rather than “hearts”.

Every parent (and not only) should watch this movie. Especially those whose children are of the age of the main characters. It is a time when a lot is going on in his head, and parents often underestimate this and are not with the child in this complex period. It’s the same in the movie. Leo and Remy’s parents don’t play a big role for them. They are absent and don’t even know half of the things that happen in boys’ lives.

The premiere of Polish cinema is scheduled for February 24, 2023, but it is certain that the film will be shown earlier in the pre-prime screenings. The movie review runs until September 18th. You won’t be able to “close” anymore, but screenings take place in 18 Polish cities and the show includes other award-winning films at the world’s biggest film festivals.

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