They boarded the Mary Celeste.  They have made a shocking discovery

The Mystery of Mary Celeste is a mystery that has fascinated for 150 years. There are many conspiracy theories surrounding the ghost ship. There has been talk of supernatural phenomena, and even alien intervention and a giant squid attack. It is still unknown why the ship was found in perfect condition, but without a living soul on board.

The Secret of Mary Celeste. Why did the crew leave the ship?

The ship Mary Celeste had sailed from New York and was bound for Genoa. There were ten people on board, including Captain Benjamin Briggs’ wife of two years. The captain did not expect that his name would go down in the annals of history in the context of one of the greatest mysteries of the deep sea.

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It was December 4, 1872. The crew of the British ship Di Gratia saw the familiar sight of the Mary Celeste. The helmsman was concerned that although the ship’s sails were raised, they appeared twisted and torn. Captain David Moorhouse was surprised because he learned that the Mary Celeste had sailed eight days earlier and should have reached Genoa. He decided to go up.

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