This is just the beginning of the major nuclear registration process.  “Minimum 650 hectares”

– The barbaric destruction of nature on the Baltic Sea, in the context of the climate crisis, when the potential nuclear power plant in Chuczew does not even have a financial model, and it is still uncertain whether it will be built at all, must stop immediately and not be forced by the stringency of feasibility. Immediacy – activists have shouted recently.

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Giant pieces

This will be required by the development of the country’s critical infrastructure, primarily related to the construction of a nuclear power plant and accompanying investments. To a lesser extent, it is about the construction of the Choczewo power plant for the Baltica-2 offshore wind farm along with transportation networks.

The planned investments will require a number of deforestation operations. Regarding the establishment of a nuclear power plant, the evacuation of energy from offshore wind farms, the construction of transmission lines, an access road to the nuclear power plant, a railway line, and a number of other accompanying investments. It will be necessary to cut down at least 600-650 hectares of forest – informs Joanna Witkowska, Deputy Forester of the Chocziu Forest District.

Another 300-320 hectares are forests, the forest area will lose its management and more logging will be possible. But – as we hear – cutting an additional 300 hectares, which would give a total of 1,000 hectares, is not very realistic. Rather, it is said “for a much smaller area.” However, this may change.

Witkowska adds that There will be no new farms because private law does not require it. However, foresters are in talks with investors and are trying to acquire land “that can be afforested as compensation for the planned deforestation.”

Energy highways of the Baltic Sea

– Until now Pomerania was a consumer of energy from the south, and now, as a result of the transformation, new large generating sources are being created in the north. Onshore and offshore windmills are being built here, there are large photovoltaic farms, and there will be a nuclear power plant. Therefore, new high-voltage transmission lines must be built, which will allow such large amounts of energy to be transmitted to recipients in other parts of the country – explains Beata Nasiadka from Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne.

At the beginning of 2025/2026, an onshore power plant of the Baltica 2 offshore wind farm with a capacity of 1.5 GW will be built in Osieki Lęborskie in Choczewo Municipality. By 2030, the 1 GW Beltika 3 plant will be built, giving a total of 2.5 GW. The energy generated in this way feeds 4 million families.

The plant in Choczew will receive most of its energy from farms in the Baltic Sea. The power will be distributed deep into the country via four 400 kilovolt high-voltage lines. That is why these lines diverge in different directions – explains Nasyadka.

The first 19.5 km Choczewo-Żarnowiec line has received a construction permit from the Pomeranian Voivode and is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2025. The following lines will be longer: Choczewo – Gdański Przyjaźń (about 90 km), Choczewo to Żarnowiec – Słupsk line intersection (about 20 km) and Choczewo to the intersection of the Gdańsk Błonia – Grudziądz Węgrowo line (about 130 km). These are the so-called energy highways. Grzegorz Onisimowski, President of PSE, estimated that these investments would increase “the level of energy security in the region.”

Compensation for residents

Nasyadka confirms this The energy highways will cover 20 municipalities and pass through nearly 1,000 private properties. Talks with the owners have been ongoing for months about establishing a transportation easement, that is, agreeing to extend a line or erect a power pole on a private piece of land.

This is a strategic investment with a general purpose, so it must be implemented. Our goal is to reach an agreement with property owners. Most of them agree to the easement. However, there are cases when someone does not agree or the agreement cannot be concluded for various reasons – adds the PSE representative.

Once an agreement is reached with the PSE, the property owner receives the funds according to the appraisal report. However, if there is no approval, the investor submits an application to the county to obtain an administrative decision allowing the investment to be carried out in a particular property. The owner then receives compensation after the investment is completed.

– We are the state treasury company and everything must be transparent – confirms the representative of the Palestine Stock Exchange. However, I don’t want to talk about amounts. – Land plots have different market valuations and are located in different places. Nasyadka adds that the valuation report for a beachfront plot of land near the beach, near the tri-city, where prices are higher, will be valued differently, and even differently for a field in the interior of the country.

The PSE maintains that it will not lead to further logging

-At present, it is not possible to indicate the exact extent of the pieces. However, we have adopted the principle of logging mainly forest technology, which means that permanent logging will be limited only to polar sites. For the four high-voltage lines, approximately 75 percent. We will run sections in forested areas above tree crowns – announces Maciej Wabinski, PSE spokesman. He adds that every investment is preceded by a full year of environmental inventory operations.

However, 35 hectares of trees were recently cut down for two so-called cable benches. Drone images for show the corridors through which the infrastructure supplying energy from the Baltic Sea to the Choczewo plant built by PSE will be directed. Four investment entities are responsible for building the network to the terminal: Ocean Winds, PGE, Ørsted and Baltic Power. However, from the Choczewo station, PSE will be responsible for supplying power to the interior of the country.

– The width of one seat is about 30 meters. Four additional tunnels will be built, but they will likely be in one place, approximately 110 meters wide, that is, about 60 hectares – notes Marek Drzewski, journalist at

By train and car to the nuclear power plant

An important investment in the construction of the nuclear power plant will be the construction of about 30 kilometers of access road to the S6 highway. To this should be added railways and most likely the modernization of railway line No. 229 or 230. This will also include logging.

– Every tree cut down for the nuclear power plant near the beach in Słajszewo causes great emotions. Currently, cuts to power grids, railways or roads do not arouse the same feelings. Many residents do not want nuclear power because they are not sure whether electricity will be cheaper in 20 years. They wonder if this makes sense in a situation where photovoltaics or windmills have to stop working when there is too much energy from the sun and wind. Some say coal-fired power plants should run all the time, and there is also talk of building energy storage facilities. Nuclear energy is not desirable here – says Marek Drzewski about the feelings of the population.

– During one of the meetings with representatives of Polish nuclear power plants, we heard that tourists and residents will have to choose between going to the beach or keeping up with the progress of the construction of the first power plant. There has even been talk of “nuclear tourism” in Chukzhu. The commercial characteristics of the municipality must change – Drzewowski summarizes.

Piotr Bera, journalist at

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