V Rising got version 1.0 and at a much higher price.  Survival began fighting to repeat the success two years ago

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Release version 1.0 V height It turned out to be quite successful. As I write these words, Gra Stonelock Studios He is It was launched on 75,661 Steam user accounts. Even though the record from about two years ago is almost double that, it’s still a really good result. Furthermore, the production continues to receive positive reviews on Valve’s platform, with an overall rating of 88%.

Many fans of vampire-themed games have been waiting for this day. Today, after nearly two years in Early Access, Survival Online has found freedom in version 1.0 V height.

In the glory days V height It can boast a so-called “peak” of over 150 thousand players simultaneously. Then came the time of the worst results, as it remained at around the 5000 level. players.

Will the premiere of Version 1.0 be able to recapture the glory of the previous production? There is a good chance of this. Since the game stopped being in early access (i.e. from 10:00) the number of players in it has increased V height It grows at a rapid pace. At the time of writing this letter Nearly 40 thousand people have already participated in this fun. the people.

As you can see, there is no shortage of people wanting to try out the vampire adventure in version 1.0, which brings many new features. This is not surprising, after all, the Stunlock Studios production has many positive reviews. The game has already had over 70,000 views on Steam. Reviews, 88% of which are positive comments. Surprisingly, industry reviewers also agree with gamers. Currently on the site Metacritic Average degree V height Rated 85/100 (based on 21 reviews).

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