It is no longer an equal battle.  This nearly 7,000-piece Star Destroyer rocks LEGO Star Wars

19 Beit 2024, 20:50

Some combinations can sweep you off your feet. One of them is the 1.1 meter high Venator from Mold King.

Image source: Mold King


I have already mentioned several times that there are a lot of LEGO alternatives available on the market. Many of them are less expensive and at the same time not inferior in quality to the blocks offered by the Danish manufacturer. If you delve into the depths of the Internet, you’ll find synonyms for many groups – including those in Star Wars.

While browsing the LEGO Store, we can find a replica of the Venator-class Republic destroyer, consisting of more than 5,000 elements. Unfortunately, its price is very high, even expensive. If you decide to buy it, you will have to pay approximately PLN 3,100. What if I told you that you could buy a larger set for cheaper?

Get a Star Wars brick Venator piece for a fraction of the LEGO price.

Mold King’s Venator contains nearly 7,000 elements and 1.1 meters of pure joy

Republican entities have something to be proud of. The Venator from Mold King is a truly impressive machine. Consists of 6,685 elements (over 1,000 LEGO elements). This translates to dimensions (note) of 112 cm in length, 59 cm in width and 31 cm in height..

Source: Mold King, promotional materials

Source: Mold King, promotional materials

So here we are dealing with a group that cannot be ignored. As if that wasn’t enough It is compatible with LEGO bricks. So you can expand it further with your collection.

Mold King’s Venator is a massive structure

More than 2000 Polish zlotys makes a huge difference

Price is also an important element in the whole. As I mentioned earlier, the LEGO set costs around PLN 3,100. That’s really a lot of money for blocks. But dreams are worth fulfilling, aren’t they?

Source: Mold King, promotional materials

Source: Mold King, promotional materials

Fortunately, the Mold King costs much less. In the German Amazon branch you can get the Venator for 225 euros. After converting the currency and choosing to pay via bank transfer, the price in PLN is 958.79 PLN.. The difference compared to LEGO is more than 2000 PLN. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s the deal of a lifetime.

Venator from Mold King at

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