Russia transfers military vehicles to Belarus, "smart bombs" may be delivered to Ukraine.  Summary of the night

Smart bombs can hit Russian targets with high accuracy. It is not yet known if President Joe Biden has actually approved the deliveries.

As explained by the Washington Post, so-called Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) systems can be installed on a variety of weapons. The US Army uses this technology in its 1,000 kg bombs. Bombers and fighters are usually equipped with it.

It was not immediately clear whether President Biden or any of his senior national security advisers approved the proposed transfer of JDAMs to Ukraine. (…) It is also unclear whether the Ukrainian armed forces will use the kits in aircraft or in ground weapons. .” Washington Post.

She added that the Ukrainian Air Force relied heavily on outdated Soviet MiGs. Until now, the Pentagon was looking for ways to modernize them, rather than supplying newer Western aircraft, which would require complex training.

Despite the energy crisis caused by Russia, only a small percentage of Ukrainians plan to change their place of residence for the winter, according to a report published by the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

With temperatures in Ukraine dropping to -10 degrees Celsius, and despite attacks on power and heating systems, data collected by the International Organization for Migration shows only 7 percent. of respondents across the country are seriously considering leaving their place of residence.

According to the report, even in the event of a prolonged interruption in the supply of all major facilities without specifying when they will be restored, two out of three respondents said they would not leave their homes.

At the same time, the International Organization for Migration confirms that private means of survival are becoming increasingly scarce as 43% of all households in Ukraine have exhausted their savings. To reduce costs, 63 percent. Of the respondents admitted to rationing the consumption of gas, electricity and solid fuel.

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that “significant progress has been made on the air defense issue” this week. He stressed that the country’s authorities are making every effort to obtain more modern and powerful defense systems.

Zelensky announced, in a speech posted on the official website, that he had a meeting with the leaders on Wednesday. “We talked especially about protecting the skies. We are constantly working on strengthening our anti-aircraft defense and defense against drones. We are doing everything we can to get more modern and powerful systems for Ukraine. Important progress has been made this week on the issue of air defense,” he stressed. .

On Wednesday morning, Kyiv was attacked by Russian forces with Iranian-made drones. Zelensky said after the attack that all of the machines – 13 in all – were shot down by Ukrainian anti-aircraft defences.

Russia continues to transfer military equipment to Belarus. Since December 8, it has delivered at least 60 vehicles there, including infantry fighting vehicles, Ural multi-purpose trucks and tankers, Ukraine’s Kyiv Independent wrote on Wednesday.

The online daily, citing the Belarusian Hagun, which tracks the movements of Russian forces, reported that in recent days two transports of Russian military vehicles have arrived in Belarus.

In the first batch, there were about 30-40 Ural trucks that went to the training ground near the Polonka railway station in the Brest region. The next delivery included about 20 such trucks, an unspecified number of transporters and at least two BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles. According to the Belarusian Hagun, the second batch of vehicles may also have ended up at the same training ground.

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