Famous linguist versus feminists.  “I will protest this!”

Professor Jerzy Pralczyk recently visited Cuba Wojciudzki. On the set of a TVN show, a conflict occurred between the distinguished linguist and the rest of the guests, and the apple of contention turned out to be feminine issues… “I will protest against it!” – declares the linguist.

Professor Jerzy Pralczyk with Kuba Wojciudzki

A few days ago, Kuba Wojewódzki hosted Prof. Jerzy Pralczyk and two young hip-hop artists – Young Lyusya and Kakup Blonsky. The main topic of this episode was youth slang, discussed by a prominent Polish linguist. At some point, the discussion also turned to recently popular feminist activists.

As the singer Young told Lucia, sitting on Wojewódzki’s famous sofa, she doesn’t care whether she’s called a “guest” or a “guest,” to which Pralček strongly objected. The professor stated that the use of painkillers is an unnatural submission to current fashion.

“Gość” or “guests” in the language makes a difference

– It’s important to me. Perhaps it is because I realize that the word “guest”, or as some prefer “guest”, both forms have been in dictionaries in the past – as a somewhat artificial adaptation to current fashion or trends, and therefore I do not understand them as a natural form. The linguist said that I prefer to use natural forms.

Pralczyk even admitted that forcing others to use feminist painkillers is so unnatural to him that he actively protests against such forms of “language enrichment.” The professor stressed firmly: – If someone asks me to use only the term “guest”, I will not like it. I’ll even protest against that!

The professor’s opinion even met with the approval of Wojewódzki, who stated that the word “guest” has no evaluative connotation, so it is not necessary to use the feminine form of this word… Bralczyk’s opinion divided netizens – some netizens agreed with him, but there Also criticized by this approach.


Photo: Guests of Kuba Wojewódzki, Photo: Screenshot/Instagram

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