There will be a modification of the famous horror game on PlayStation – “Until Dawn”
Directing the two Shazam! sequels, director David F. Sandberg, who has spent the last dozen or so years in the superhero universe in the DCEU, returns to his horror roots. He will be filming “Until Dawn” – an adaptation of the popular video game produced by Supermassive Games.

“Until Dawn” – what do we know about the adaptation of the famous horror game on PlayStation?

The film's screenwriters are Gary Dauberman (“The Nun”) and Blair Butler (“The Call”). As in the case of “Gran Turismo” or “Twisted Metal”, Sony entities – PlayStation Productions and Screen Gems – are involved in the production. The film itself is supposed to be – no surprise here – a “love letter to the genre and its variants.” So get ready for a bloody feast.

Released in 2015, “Until Dawn” is a classic adaptation of our game. The actions depend on the fate of a group of young people who return – a year after certain traumatic events – to a distant home. Where evil lies. The game has been a great success, deliberately using well-known genre clichés and motifs, focusing on the personal images of the characters and actually distinguishing between their destinies depending on the decisions we make. Here's its trailer:

Let us also remind you that several famous faces appear in the game, including: Hayden Panettiere (“Heroes”), in addition to Rami Malek (“Bohemian Rhapsody”) and Peter Stormare (“Fargo”). Who would you like to see in the cast of the live-action version?

David Sandberg – Watch the trailer for “When the Lights Go Out”

For Sandberg, horror is not his first. He began his adventure with cinema by directing short horror films. one of them, “Turn off the lights” Since 2013, Hollywood liked it so much that three years later the director made an entire horror film based on it. “When the lights went out” It was a huge success at the box office, grossing nearly $150 million on a budget of $4.9 million.

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