March 20, 2023


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The Youtuber was crushed by a big block of ice.  The movie started online - O2

The Youtuber was crushed by a big block of ice. The movie started online – O2

According to the Spanish-language website Ushuaia24, the deceased is a well-known YouTuber, Dennis Marin. He was from São Paulo, Brazil, the largest city in Latin America. He managed to gain publicity on the Internet by publishing film reports of visiting particularly dangerous places.

A well-known YouTuber has died. The circumstances of his death are horrific

On the fateful day, Denis Marin decided to visit one of the ice caves in Argentina – Cueva de Gimpo. These types of places are a popular destination for thrill seekers. This group definitely included the deceased YouTuber. The camera operator and Marina’s dog were also attended.

The accident happened when the YouTuber was heading towards the entrance to the cave. The companion dog felt that the ice sheet was unstable and behaved unusually, eg moving away from its owner. However, this did not understand the signals sent by the four-legged, and soon fell under the weight of the falling block of ice.

The registration of the accident was announced by the authorities of the Tierra del Fuego National Park, where Cueva de Gimpo is located. reason? Entry into the ice caves is strictly prohibited, but tourists often ignore the rules and try to break through. In the case of Dennis Marin, the irresponsibility ended tragically.

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