The world is arming itself.  Big money for the army

Report details provided by Interia. Last year saw the largest increase in global defense spending since 2009.

More than half of this amount 31 NATO member states spent approximately 1.341 trillion US dollars. The United States has by far the largest share. Under the leadership of Joe Biden, The United States spent up to $916 billion on defense. This represents an increase of 2.3%. On an annual basis. With regard to NATO countries, this amount is equivalent to 68%. among all member states.

The authors of the report devoted a topic to Poland. As they pointed out, Our country recorded the highest annual growth rate Of all European countries it amounted to up to 75 percent. Poland spent a total of US$31.6 billion on rearming its army.

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The published report shows that NATO countries’ spending exceeds Russia’s spending by about 10 times. The Kremlin spent about $109 billion on the army last year. Meanwhile, the same document shows statements from Ukraine, a country defending itself against Putin's attack.

Our eastern neighbor spent $64 billion last yearThat is, more than half a year ago. The country also received an aid package from Western partners. In 2023, support reached US$35 billion, of which the United States allocated more than US$25 billion.

They ranked second in the world rankings China. The Middle Kingdom invested about 296 billion US dollars. The Asian country increased its defense spending for the twenty-ninth year in a row. Other Asian countries, that is Japan Spent $50.2 billion (11% increase), Taiwan 16.6 billion (up 11%) dew It spent $83.6 billion, ranking fourth in the world.

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