Red Dead Redemption 3. Cowboys!  It's time to return to the Wild West – what can I expect?

Red Dead Redemption 2 can be treated as another great game or an epic ode to the Wild West that raised the bar for future productions.

Now, when rumors and speculation about the third part of the series spread on the Internet, fans (including me) are wondering what Rockstar Games could do better, what should be changed, what should be surprised, and how to lead the next story.

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Although the developer has not officially confirmed work on Red Dead Redemption 3 yet, there are hopes in the gaming community that the story from the Wild West will continue. The previous two parts, Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2, have gained immense popularity. No wonder expectations are high, but there is a lot of room for improvement. What is expected from the next part?

More details, more details

What surprised me (and maybe not just me) in RDR2 is the map, the diverse ecosystem and… A vibrant world. At some point, I became fascinated by a particular item, seemingly unrelated to the gameplay, but unique: the place where the workers were building the tracks. Every week there were more and more of them, and when I returned to this place after some time, the workers had disappeared and the tracks? Everything is in order. And I didn't come up with this alone. I first saw it online, located it, and later verified it in-game. This gave me a big “wow!”.

There are many elements in the game where NPCs have their own lives and jobs to do, such as trails or building houses. I would like the game world to be more comprehensive in RDR3, to surprise me with these flavors at every step.. Which is something that might be possible today, given the current level of AI sophistication, not to mention what AI-based tools will be able to do in a year or two, however RDR3 will be released (I think) in at least a few years. . Therefore, there is a high probability that creators will take advantage of the opportunities provided by artificial intelligence, creating a vivid world like no other production has ever seen before. I want to see more diverse ecosystems and interactive cities that come to life no matter what I do in the game.

History, customization and development

Red Dead Redemption 3 – RDR3

Although the return of John Marston or Arthur Morgan in story mode seems unlikely, Rockstar could create a new story set in the same universe. He would like to know more about the fate of other heroes living in the Wild West, say later in its decline or in a completely different part of America.

The developer will likely prepare improved gameplay mechanics. Rockstar is known for improving the mechanics in its games, and Red Dead Redemption 3 will certainly be no exception. I'm counting on improvements to the shooting system, horse riding, and interaction with the world and NPCs. But I also don't forget to play online. Red Dead Online has been a huge success and will definitely be back in a new version. Here you just need to expand on the existing content and concepts and add some new game modes, activities and items.

Another aspect I would like to see in the sequel is deeper character customization. Greater ability to customize our cowboy's appearance and skills as well Greater influence on the development of its history. Let what already exists be raised to a higher level. Let it be more and better.

More variety in gameplay, choices, and use of artificial intelligence

Red Dead Redemption 3 – RDR3

In addition to the new elements, I would also like to see visual changes compared to the previous parts. Maybe I'll get one. If GTA 6 is developed as in the released trailer, I'm not sure about Red Dead Redemption 3, especially since the game will be released as soon as 2-3 years (maybe more) after the premiere of the new Grand Theft Auto game.

Red Dead Redemption 2 already offered a variety of activities, but some felt that the game could have been more diverse. They would like to be able to practice different professions, e.g. Being a blacksmith, a rancher, a sheriff, or even a criminal. Maybe add a side career, but it's important to the plot, but it's really active, not what's in RDR2, like catching bad guys or leveling up crime. It would be an interesting addition and I will definitely use it. Of course you can't exaggerate, because for me the plot should play first violin and have an important, if not the most important, meaning..

And the best artificial intelligence for our opponents or our comrades. Although the AI ​​in Red Dead Redemption 2 was already at a really high level, there is always room for improvement. All we need is for the characters to be smarter, and to react to our every action in a more realistic and natural way. And finally, greater freedom of choice, that is, our actions, decisions, and even our dialogues, while adhering to certain characters that we like or do not like. Maybe some order to establishing and maintaining relationships. All this should have a greater impact on the course of events in the game, our decisions and their real consequences.

A few final words

It is difficult to say clearly what Red Dead Redemption 3 will look like, which Rockstar Games is famous for surprising its players and not being afraid to experiment. So we can expect that the new part of the game will contain both well-known elements from the previous parts and completely new solutions. One thing is for sure: Red Dead Redemption 3 is one of the most anticipated games in the coming years. Rockstar Games has already created two masterpieces and I think the third one will be even better.

When can we expect the match? Given Rockstar's current game development cycle, it's reasonable to assume so Red Dead Redemption 3 may be released between 2026 and 2030. This means that it will be eight to twelve years from the release of RDR2, and about one to five years from the release of GTA 6, which is scheduled for release in 2025. So there is plenty of time to work out many details.

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