UK: Private jet traffic jam in Glasgow

On Monday, a private jet traffic jam formed at Glasgow Airport that brought world leaders and businessmen to the COP26 climate summit, the Daily Mail reported. He adds that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is among those who have chosen the CO2-emitting mode of transportation.

According to conservative estimates, the fleet of private aircraft that will bring dignitaries to the COP26 summit in Glasgow from Sunday to November 12 will emit 13,000 tons of carbon dioxide, which amounts to 1.6 thousand. The British – writes “Daily Mail”.

The Amazon founder and president is among those who attended the United Nations climate conference on private jets. Bezos, who regularly informs the world about climate change, transferred $65 million from Gulfstream directly from Bill Gates’ birthday party aboard a luxury yacht off the coast of Turkey, the daily reported. “Green Hypocrisy reminded me” – assessment of the newspaper.

The private jet also picked up, among others, Prince Albert of Monaco and Crown Prince Charles on their way back from the G20 summit in Rome. As the Daily Mail points out, the British aristocrat, however, traveled in a machine that used a modified, eco-friendly fuel. Another private jet that landed in Glasgow was owned by Bank of America, which boasts of its “commitment to sustainable development” in its public campaigns, daily reports said.

The British newspaper notes that “some environmental activists will urge others at COP26 to cut back on air travel and eat less meat, but so far little has been said about billionaires flying their private jets on routes already served by scheduled flights.” He asserts that private plane travel is more harmful to the environment than commercial flights, as well as rail and road transport.

While waiting limousines picked up the wealthy from private jets, hundreds of lower-level delegates were unable to reach Glasgow due to storms that devastated railways, the Daily Mail recalls. He adds that many of them had to sleep at a railway station in London.

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