Ukraine.  Journalists attacked during an interview with the head of the bank.  They were locked up for hours |  News from the world

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Jakovsky on the conference materials of the heads of the Ministries of National Defense, the Interior and the Administration: They were too extreme

As I mentioned Radio SobodaBank employees used physical force against the operator, confiscated his two cameras and memory cards, and deleted the recorded video. The operator’s clothing was also checked for the presence of other recording devices. Moreover, as the radio describes, the team “was locked in the office of the head of Ukreksimbank for an hour.” Later, her equipment was returned, but without the intelligence and theft records.

Journalists managed to record the audio itself. In one of the recordings you can hear the voice of the head of the bank addressing his subordinates. – Igor, bring their cameras! Put them out the door… and here he is. Take out the tapes – he said, citing Radio Swoboda.

Koszalin. She was driving an ambulance at a speed of 2.4 per thousand. She was stopped by a policeman in civilian clothes

The bank accuses journalists

The journalists reported the matter to the police. Actions related to obstruction of journalistic activity began. – I hope that police He will correctly classify these actions and investigate this unusual event – the team’s lawyer said.

In a statement on Facebook, Ukreksimbank did not address allegations of the use of force against journalists. The press release stated that employees were “forced to stop the interview” because the questions were about customer information that the bank is not allowed to provide. She added that the journalists “also made assumptions about the alleged violations by the bank.” And the statement posted on the bank’s website added: “In its activities, including relations with the media, our bank strictly adheres to the requirements of the applicable Ukrainian legislation. We confirm that the bank strongly respects the right of society to receive accurate and complete information, always open to communication with the media ” .

Przemysław Czarnek, Minister of Education and ScienceShe points to satisfaction after a year of working at MEiN. “I don’t see any failures”

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