The teenager lured the man.  He did not leave the apartment alive

57-year-old Briton Murat Arbabaya, who moved to Turkey many years ago, made friends online with Istanbul café owner Ersin Basak. However, when Basak found out that the 57-year-old was a rich man, he planned a crime.

Murat met 19-year-old Muhtar Bersikli, an attractive girl who soon turned the British gentleman’s head. On July 26, when they went to the apartment the 57-year-old had rented for her, three men entered right behind them: Serbil Demir, Dogan Sarıldız and Fatih Ercinoglu.

The Briton was poisoned

They tied Murad to a chair and beat him until he lost consciousness. Finally, they injected him with poison and placed his body in a ventilation shaft.

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