United States of America.  The caught car helped solve the case of Kyle Wade Clinksales

Georgia state officials said the remains found in a car pulled from the river in December 2021 were Kyle Wade Clinkalis. The 22-year-old student disappeared without trace in January 1976 and has been missing since. Thanks to DNA tests, it was possible to confirm the death of the man, but the cause of his death is still unknown.

Kyle Wade Clinksales was returning to college from his hometown of LaGrange, Georgia in January 1976. He had to travel less than 60 kilometers, but he never reached his destination. As part of the investigation, the lakes were drying up, but neither the 22-year-old nor his 1974 Ford Pinto were ever found.

However, a vehicle of this brand was fished out of a river near Cosette, Alabama in December 2021. A man then called 911 and said he saw what appeared to be a piece of a vehicle in the waters off Interstate 85 between LaGrange and Auburn.

The Ford Pinto is out of the water in 2021facebook.com/troupsheriff

The car was pulled out of the water and a wallet, credit card, credit cards and human bones were found inside. However, it was not possible to establish who these remains belong to. Therefore, they were taken to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, and then to the FBI laboratory, where DNA tests were conducted. Finally, the Troup County Sheriff’s Office confirmed on social media on Monday, February 20, that the remains found belonged to Kyle Wade Klinscales.

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“Everyone in town knows him.”

“Everyone was always wondering if he’d show up,” Clinkscales’ friend Lauren Griffin recalled in an interview with local NBC WXIA. She met the 22-year-old a year before he went missing. “Everyone in town knows him,” she admitted. – He was a nice guy, very quiet most of the time. She added that he was very nice to everyone.

— She always hoped he’d come home — Troup County Sheriff James Woodruff spoke out for the mother of the missing 22-year-old after the car wreck was found in December 2021. As reported by NBC WXIA, Clinkscales’ mother didn’t live to see the mystery of the disappearance solved her son. She passed away in January 2021 and his father 14 years ago.

Kyle Wade Clinkscalesfacebook.com/troupsheriff

The mysterious disappearance of a student

As noted in the statement, the cause of the student’s death is still unknown. Meanwhile, Troup County officials have claimed for years that the man was murdered.

In 2005, two people were arrested for making false statements in the case. This happened after Clinkscales’ parents were called by someone who claims that when he was 7 years old, he saw people disposing of their son’s body. These reports have not been commented on now that the identity of the remains found in the car has been confirmed.

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Troup County Sheriff’s Office, NBC WXIA, tvn24.pl

Main image source: facebook.com/troupsheriff

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