Mexico.  The bullfight sparked protests.  The show returned two years later

Bullfighting took place in Mexico Since the sixteenth centuryBut in 2022, the local court accepted the activists’ complaint Bullfighting has been banned in the country's capital indefinitely.

Last month, the Supreme Court However, the moratorium has been temporarily lifteduntil the final decision is made.

Mexico: Corrida sparked protests. Bullfighting dispute

on Sunday at capacity capable of accommodating More than 40 thousand people A crowd of bullfighting fans gathered in Plaza Mexico. In front of the stadium Hundreds of her opponents protestedWhich is considered a cruel practice that violates animal rights.

The famous Mexican bullfighter was the first to enter the arena Joselito Adami. There were shouts from the audience: “Long live freedom!” – According to the Associated Press.

According to Associated Press reports in Sunday's battles A total of six bulls participated They were all killed.

There were protests in front of the square Mostly peacefulBut there were tense situations – some activists threw objects Plastic bottles and stones. Cries rose: “Murderers!” “Torture is not an art, and it is not a culture.”

Crowds of demonstrators poured into the stadium to protest the bullfighting/Daniel Cardenas/Anadolu/France Press agency

The President of Mexico announces a referendum

Aside from the legal battle in Mexico City, in many other parts of the country Bullfighting is legal. This was announced by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador This issue will be put to a referendum – I remembered the BBC station.

According to data from the animal rights organization Humane Society International (HSI), bullfights are held all over the world every year Nearly 250,000 die. These animals. Bullfighting is also allowed, among others: in Spain, France, Portugal, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador – reports the BBC.

Ornament brought Constitution to the studio. Dolniak: You must have dusted it off a long time ago/Polsat News/Polsat News

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