A surprise graphic in the profile of… a human rights defender

Shoes of an IDF soldier (Israel Defense Forces – ed.) crushing a cockroach resembling a Palestinian (possibly Hamas leader Mohammed Deif) – such a drawing was posted on his profile on the X platform by Arsene Ostrovsky, an Israeli human rights defender, Chairman of the International Legal Forum (ILF).

An Israeli soldier crushes a cockroach

Arsene Ostrovsky is an Israeli lawyer and human rights defender, president of the International Legal Forum (ILF), describes himself as a “proud Zionist” in his profile on the X platform and regularly comments on social media about the influences of the Palestinian movement Hamas. Attack on Israel.

However, one of the drawings he published caused great controversy – and not only because of what Ostrovsky does professionally.

this! [To!]

– he wrote on the

Nazi Germany’s propaganda against the Jews

Although Hamas’ actions undoubtedly deserve condemnation and punishment, the drawing published by the lawyer sparked great controversy.

Many Internet users commented in the comments that the drawings clearly resemble German Nazi propaganda, which often dehumanized Jews, presenting them as vermin such as lice and cockroaches, and sometimes also rats, or, for example, attributing them to the spread of dangerous diseases.

Therefore, it seems that the publication of such drawings by a lawyer, human rights defender and Israeli citizen is not entirely appropriate.


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