Türkiye.  A roller coaster accident in Antalya, a car full of people crashed into a pole.  Victims

A tragic cable car accident occurred in Antalya, southern Türkiye. Anadolu Agency reported that one person was killed and 10 others were injured. Turkish media reported that among the wounded were two children. The rescue operation is being carried out with the participation of others, helicopters.

The accident occurred on Friday when one of the vehicles with eight people inside collided with a fallen pole. The occupants of the carriage fell onto the rocky ground. According to preliminary information, one person died, and 10 wounded were taken to hospital.

Cable car accident in TürkiyeAbaca/PAP/EPA

Cable car accident

Due to the collision, the entire train movement automatically stopped, leaving more than 180 people suspended in the air in the remaining carriages. Rescue helicopters were sent to the site. Anadolu reported that emergency services have so far evacuated 98 people, while the rest are still waiting to be rescued.

Cable car accident in TürkiyeAbaca/PAP/EPA

According to Reuters, the cable car contains 36 cabins, each of which can accommodate six people, and the trip up the hill to the Tunktepe facility with a panoramic view of the city of Antalya takes nine minutes on average.

Main image source: Abaca/PAP/EPA

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