The ruling was issued in the case of Simon Marciniak.  it’s so bad
  • – This is not one of the best refereeing teams in Europe, but it is considered the best in Europe – Unkel began. That is why her criticism of the mistakes of the Poles was more severe
  • It wasn’t just about the 103rd minute that the whole world was talking about. Marciniak’s side also blew the whistle for offside on Joselu’s goal, ultimately giving Real Madrid promotion. Then VAR helped the referee. Then he can use it. In the aforementioned 103rd minute, he took this opportunity himself
  • Later, the former FIFA referee spoke about a possible penalty kick. It may be difficult for Marciniak to manage key matches on the Old Continent. This is record news, but also bad news ahead of Euro 2024
  • More information can be found at Przegląd Sportowy Onet

Simon Marciniak and his team had a perfect win in their Champions League semi-final, but the situation overshadowed everything in the 13th minute of extra time. Matthias de Ligt then scored a goal to make the score 2-2, which would have given Bayern Munich extra time, but the Polish referees blew their whistle for offside in this case.

The problem is that they did it while the procedure was still ongoing. For this reason, VAR was unable to check this action and definitively assess whether Bayern players were offside, which was determined in millimetres.

The instructions are clear: in such situations, you must wait until the end of the procedure to raise the flag and blow the whistle to check it. The mere raising of the flag by the lineman meant nothing, because Marciniak could have ignored that hint and waited. But when he blew the whistle just before the shot and the ball went into the goal, the option to check the situation definitely disappeared. This is exactly what is wrong in this case.

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