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After the previous unsuccessful season, with the help of the White-and-Reds’ new head coach, Thomas Thurnbichler, Piotr Żyła returned to the best figure skating players in the world.

The world champion from Oberstdorf has had a great start to the season. From November to the end of December, he has never been out of the top 8 in a World Cup. He also stood on the podium three times.

Later, the 36-year-old had a slight dip in form, but he quickly got over it. Last weekend, while flying on the ice in Bad Mitterndorf, Piotr Żyła again impressed with his disposition. On Saturday he was fourth, the next day sixth, and in each competition attempt he passed 220 metres.

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Like other Polish jumpers, Piotr Żyła is mainly preparing for the World Championships in Planica, which will start in less than a month. On the K-90 hill, Wiślanin will defend the gold medal and looking at his form in recent competitions, he has a chance in this competition.

World Cup 2022/2023. Piotr Żyła has such an education

In the Polish media, in the context of Piotr Żyła, it is often written not only about sports results, but also about private life: ex-wife Justyna Żyla or current battery partner Marcelina Ziętek.

However, information about crossing marking is not often available. Meanwhile, Piotr Żyła can boast of higher education.

As reported by natemat.pl, referring to the “Super Express”, Piotr Żyła defended his bachelor’s thesis with the title “Self-confidence of an athlete similar to the Polish national team A in Ski jumpingAt the Higher School of Education in Sports. Interestingly, Robert Lewandowski attended the same school.

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