There is a decision about Goncalo Feio’s future at Motor Lublin.  Firm statement from Zbigniew Jakubas

Goncalo Feiyu stays in Motor Lublin! The decision was announced personally by the club’s main shareholder, Zbigniew Jakubas.

The engine was buzzing for a long time. Conflict broke out between coach Goncalo Feu and president Pausić Tomcic on Sunday. The Portuguese player threw a container of documents at the club’s president. Tomchik was covered in blood and was taken to the hospital.

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On Tuesday, the club’s main shareholder, Zbigniew Jakubas, showed up in Lublin. The businessman spoke at length about his investment in the club, the development of its training base and related issues. PLN 11.8 million was spent on the engine. For the Lublin Football Academy – PLN 25 million.

I put my money and my heart on Motor. Personal relationships are the most important to me. I no longer work for money. What I do for Lublin is my revenge for having trampled its streets for 20 years. I’m doing a social project – explained the businessman.

Jacoba also talked about Tomczyk and Feio. Speak positively about both. He explained the disagreement with lack of communication and the coach’s ambition or overwork.

– After the experience with Marek Saganowski, I’m betting on another young team. I was convinced that instead of navigating the greats of Polish football who have been working for 20-30 years, you need to take risks and focus on open-minded people, otherwise nothing will come of it. said Jacoba.

– Let’s not make President Tomczyk some “blacks”. He is a man who put his heart into it. The fact that the club has the appropriate financial conditions is its merit. He is a moral man. His activities have always been “promoting”. He wanted the club to move forward. With my money, we have created conditions that no one else has in League Two. In the league – not all. Don’t choy Tomczyk. It wasn’t worth it. After what happened he is mentally depressed. Let’s appreciate what he did confirmed.

– Via? Giant efficiency, workhorse. Emotionally, I knew we could go far with this coach. I can only speak of him in superlatives – admitted the businessman.

“I think it’s due to overwork. Coach Feio works 20 hour days. In such a state, the person is explosive, they can’t handle certain things. Ambition, pressure – they all combined to cause this explosion.” Jacobs explained.

The Portuguese will stay in the engine after the scrimmage. Jacoba admitted that he could not imagine hiring another coach.

– Thanks to the negotiations and after some statements, we will cooperate with Coach Fiew until the end of the round. Then we will try to continue working. If I fail with this guy, my stay in the engine ends. As long as Coach Feiyu exists, so am I. If there was a boss for me, I’d leave Motor. Keep your fingers crossed for us Summary of the main shareholder in the club.

Pawe Tomczyk Motor left for the time being, and informed his employer that he was unable to perform his duties due to his health condition. The club’s supervisory board suspended him from this job for three months. He was temporarily replaced by Robert Żyśko.

Feio also made a statement during the conference. His words are quoted here.

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