The Polish deposit system is facing corrections.  An important announcement has been made

“We are preparing to correct these regulations,” said Deputy Climate Minister Anita Soyska.

“We are currently collecting all comments from stakeholders, from business and producers who provide packaging, as well as from stores, social organizations and recyclers. We are planning a round of public consultations in March,” she added.

She stated that the comments received by the Ministry in this regard were similar.

She added: “While analyzing this act, we have already witnessed in the first months some risks associated with this act and we see (…) room for improvement.”

“I would not like there to be an expectation that this deposit system will be delayed indefinitely. This law (…) as of January (…) may be 80% effective, but we cannot escape responsibility, because it will,” she added. : “It will have other consequences, and it will have consequences, for example in recycling levels.”

Earlier, Deputy Minister Suesca also announced that it is possible to change the deposit amount in the system being prepared. The 2023 regulation sets this amount at 50 Grozi. The industry proposes to increase the price to PLN 1. “We will take a look at it,” the deputy head of the climate ministry announced.

The deposit system is scheduled to come into effect in Poland from 2025. Large stores with an area of ​​more than 200 square meters will have to collect empty packages, while stores with a smaller area will be able to join the system voluntarily. Unclaimed deposits will be used to fund the deposit system.

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