Israel proposed a truce.  “Hamas will analyze the proposal.”

One of the movement’s leaders, Khalil al-Hajjah, said that Hamas will analyze this proposal and present its response. This is a response to the official Israeli proposal for a truce that appeared after the visit of the Egyptian mediators. Israel is giving a “last chance” to negotiations, although it does not stop attacks around Rafah, the last city in the Gaza Strip under Hamas control.

The conflict between Hamas and Israel, which has been ongoing since October 7, has led to the death of at least one person 1,170 people From the Israeli side and the law 35 thousand residents of the Gaza StripNegotiations were halted for a long time. However, this may change soon.

After the Egyptian mediators' visit to Israel on Friday, the authorities in Jerusalem decided to present a proposal to Hamas for a ceasefire and hostage exchange, Agence France-Presse reported. The Israeli authorities reported this “I give you one last chance” Negotiations before attacking the city of Rafah, the last stronghold of Hamas.

Hamas is studying the Israeli proposal. Possible breakthrough in negotiations

– agitation Received an official response today Khalil Al-Hajjah, a member of the Hamas leadership who is currently in Qatar, said today, Saturday, that the Zionist occupation regarding the proposal he presented to the Egyptian and Qatari mediators on April 13. – a movement We will analyze this proposal He said in a statement carried by Agence France-Presse that she would provide her answer.

Hamas had previously insisted on a permanent ceasefire, which it did Jerusalem did not agree.

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Meanwhile, there were reports of new Israeli attacks on Friday night and Saturday In the vicinity of the besieged city of Rafah – The last city in the Gaza Strip that the Israeli army has not yet entered.

The war in the Gaza Strip. International efforts for peace

Egypt, Qatar and the United States They have unsuccessfully sought a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip for months. This was the last time it worked In November Then the fighting stopped for a week and 80 Israeli hostages were exchanged for 240 Palestinians detained in Israeli prisons.

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According to what the agencies reported from the Cairo News website, which is linked to Egyptian intelligence, this happened “Remarkable progress has been made in bringing the viewpoints of the Egyptian and Israeli delegations closer together

The war in the Gaza Strip was also part of the program world economic forum, Which will start in Riyadh on Sunday. A session on the Gaza Strip is scheduled to be held on Monday, in which the newly appointed Prime Minister of Palestine will participate. Mohammed MustafaPrime Minister of Egypt Mustafa Madbouly I Sigrid KaagUN aid coordinator for the Gaza Strip.

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