Poważna awaria zatrzymała dziś nad ranem ruch pociągów na wielu liniach kolejowych w Polsce. Spółka Alstom przyznała się do błędu, który zatrzymał pociągi, podkreślając, że nie chodzi o cyberatak. Ruch kolejowy stopniowo jest przywracany.

Today in the morning a serious failure halted the movement of trains on several railways in Poland. Alstom admitted to a mistake that stopped the trains, stressing that it was not a cyber attack. Rail traffic is gradually being restored.

Thursday around. In fourth place on the railway network in Poland, there were errors in the control devices of more than a dozen local control centers responsible for managing railway traffic.

“Alstom is aware of a time coordination error that is currently affecting the availability of the rail network, and therefore rail transport in Poland. The safety of passengers is not compromised.” Alstom said in a statement.

As added in the statement, Alstom has implemented a plan to restore the availability of rail traffic control to “reduce disruption caused by failures of the former Bombardier’s control systems”.

“We are working with our customers to minimize the effects of the situation,” Alstom said. “We apologize for any inconvenience this issue has caused to operators and passengers. Alstom confirms that there was no cyberattack or security issue with the time format error that occurred on March 17, 2022. Time format errors are a known phenomenon.” – Added in group info.

As previously reported by PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe, the failure affected 19 of the 33 Alstom-equipped CCCs. Alstom is a global French train manufacturer, operating worldwide in the rail transport markets. In Poland, it is the largest producer in the country’s railway industry, more than 4,000 people work in 11 Polish branches of the company.

Thursday, 354 out of 444 passenger trains in Poland were delayed – Informed Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Andrei Bettel at a press conference. “You can see that the scale of this problem is very large,” he said.

“At the moment, according to information received from the infrastructure manager, about half of the failed LCS systems are being launched,” – he added. He explained that the problems occurred, inter alia, on such lines as Krakow – Katowice – Opole – Wroclaw, Gdask – Warsaw, Pozna – Konin or the Kolosski junction.

“This incident has been reported to the appropriate services and is being investigated. When we have clear information about the nature and causes of this error, we will inform you,” Bittel stated. . added Similar problems arose on the railways as in Poland in Thailand, India, Peru, Italy, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Local Control Centers (LCS) are slowly restarting and train traffic is being restored.

“Train traffic has now been restored using LCS machines at 10 locations: LCS Działdowo, Gdynia, Tczew, Koluszki, Kraków Główny, Warszawa Rembertów, Biała Podlaska, Czechowice – Dziedzice, Poraj and Skoczów. Written in PKP version. PKP

Changes in the running of trains that occurred on Thursday of 4, and occur due to defects in the operation of local centers, are of a national nature.

“In order to reduce difficulties, a mutual honoring of tickets has been introduced. Where possible, updated traveler information is provided. Data on the operation of trains, taking into account the current situation, are published on their websites by carriers ”- it was written in the announcement of the PKP PLK.

He explained that tickets can be returned according to the applicable rules and provided by the carriers. PKP Intercity has already announced that passengers who quit Thursday’s flights will receive a refund without a reimbursement fee.

PKP PLK almost remembers that. For technical reasons, 4 changes took place at 19 sites in local control centers and covered several hundred kilometers of railways. The priority was to ensure safety in rail traffic. Technical services analyze the situation to determine the causes of malfunctions.

Infrastructure Minister Andrzej Adamczyk said events similar to Thursday’s failure in Poland’s rail traffic electronic control systems, provided by Alstom/Bomardier, occurred overnight in India, Singapore and possibly Pakistan. In Poland, the failure affected about 80 percent. Rail traffic added.

The Local Control Center (LCS) is where employees start rail traffic using computer systems at stations and lines ranging from several to tens of kilometers away.

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