Stores open on January 7, 2024 – Šapka, Biedronka, Lidl, Auchan, Dino, Carrefour.  Until when do they open?

Store hours Sunday, January 7, 2024 It may differ from that applied on weekdays. Proponents of shopping on the last day of the week and on holidays certainly have no reason to get excited. The Sunday trading calendar for 2024 is not very large. This year, there are only the last seven days of the week during which you will be able to visit malls and discount stores. Non-commercial Sundays dominate the calendar, and the trade ban has become a permanent part of the Poles' reality. Before we go to the store, it is worth checking: What are the hours and where to shop 07/01/2024So as not to bounce off the proverbial door handle.

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Sunday, January 7, 2024 – Shops

Many people may be wondering Biedronka and Lidl will open on January 7, 2024. Auchan, Dino and Carrefour It is also of interest to a large group of Poles. Unfortunately, this day falls on a non-trading Sunday. All malls and discount stores will be closed. You will only be able to shop at these points on Monday. But this does not mean that all stores are closed. Exceptions to the trade ban are, for example, Shabaka and Carrefour Express.

  • Biedronka January 7, 2024 – Closed
  • Lidl 7 January 2024 – Closed
  • Ochan January 7, 2024 – Closed
  • Dino January 7, 2024 – Closed
  • Carrefour January 7, 2024 – Closed

Shabaka 01/07/2024 – Working hours

Żabka's opening and closing hours are on January 7, 2024 They may differ from those that occur during the week. Although Shabaka is a franchise store, meaning it is one of the few grocery chains that remains open on Sundays, it is worth checking the hours of operation that day. Most stores of this chain will be open from 10:00 to 20:00. In many cities, you can also shop at Żabka Nano, which allows you to stock up on necessary food products 24 hours a day.

Carrefour Express January 7, 2024 – Working hours

Carrefour Express 7.01.2023, like Żabka, also remains open on Sundays and holidays because it also operates on a concession basis. Most branches will be open until 11pm on this day. However, there are some exceptions, under which some stores will only be open until 9:00 PM or 10:00 PM. It is better to check the exact hours in advance – at the door of the store or on the official website.

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