Katarzina Busacca compares butter prices in Poland and England.  this is the difference

Catarzina Busacca has been dealing with food myths for years. It highlights the trendiest diets and combinations of popular products. He often warns about them, because producers use various tricks to sell poor goods at the highest possible price.

This time the journalist took a closer look Butter gets more expensive month after month. Gone are the times when you had to pay 3 zlotys for 200 grams of healthy fats. Today it is minimum 5, and for branded varieties – even twice as much.

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Are these rates normal? In an Instagram post, Katarzyna Bosacka compared labels from store shelves in Poland and England. A fan sent her a photo of the price of a famous brand of butter in a British supermarket.

– Added and instantly compared it to Polish prices.

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Catarzina Busacca stimulants.

The difference in terms of zlotys does not seem like much, but it is also worth comparing the earnings of the Poles and the British. According to her calculations, employees in the UK receive an average of more than 9,100 PLN per hand. In our homeland – 4000.

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