“The Nun II” will soon scare Max.  We know the history
The scary movie “The Nun II” will be on VOD before Halloween. The horror film, which has received a release window of 50 days, will soon arrive on the Max platform.

When will ‘The Nun II’ be available on HBO Max?

“The Nun II” will premiere on HBO Max on October 27. Until now, the film has been available online, but only on sites that offer it for an additional fee. is reading: Valak will own TVs and tablets! “The Nun II” coming soon to VOD.

In cinematic distribution, “The Nun II” grossed over PLN 257 million worldwide and ranked 17th at the world box office. It so far outperforms horror films such as “Evil Dead: Awakening” (currently at No. 24), “Talk to Me” (at No. 36), “The Pope’s Exorcist” (at No. 41), and “Saw In 43rd place). ).

“The Nun II” is the sequel to “The Nun.” This production was a spin-off/prequel to “The Conjuring 2.” This was the place where the demon Valak first appeared.

Watch the trailer for the movie “The Nun, Part Two”

The film “The Nun II” directed by Michael Chavez was released on cinema screens in early September. We can see Taissa Farmiga again as Sister Irene. Bonnie Aarons returns as Valack, the titular demon nun. Watch the trailer:

“The Nun II” is a continuation of Sister Irene, played by Taissa Farmiga. The year is 1956. A priest dies under mysterious circumstances in France. It turns out that this is not an isolated case. Church authorities fear that evil will spread throughout the world. Sister Irene must once again face the powerful dark force known as Valak.

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