The best new Netflix movies worth watching
Here's the list of movies worth watching on Netflix. (Photo: press materials)

Cinema classics, Oscar-winning productions and hilarious comedies. From the most popular Netflix original movies and new releases on the platform, we handpick titles that are really worth watching.

The most interesting Netflix movies worth watching

“Irish Desire”: Be careful about your desires

What would come out of the combination of magic straight out of “Freaky Friday” and love dilemmas from “My Boyfriend is Getting Married”? New romantic comedy movie with Lindsay Lohan. Maddie travels to Ireland to attend the wedding of her ex-lover and best friend. When an encounter with Paul reignites old feelings, the heroine makes a magical wish that will cause her to wake up the next day as a bride. As is usually the case in romantic comedies, Maddie quickly realizes that her boyfriend is someone else. “Irish Wish” is the perfect springtime treat.

From philosophical sci-fi to romantic comedies with a surprising twist – we pick the best new productions available on Netflix. (Photo: press materials)

“Astronaut”: Solaris

Adam Sandler plays an astronaut who goes on a lonely research mission to the edge of the solar system. On Earth, he leaves his pregnant wife, Lenka (Carey Mulligan), who, in her husband's absence, begins to think about separating. Jacob (Sandler), with the help of a mysterious creature who resembles the friendly Aragog from “Harry Potter” (voiced by Paul Dano), decides to do everything to save his marriage. Contrary to what it may seem, philosophical science fiction can be good material for an evening.

“The Lady”: And she lived happily ever after

Before we learn Nastka's fate in the final season of Stranger Things, we can see Millie Bobby Brown as another brave heroine. Elodie, like every young and naive princess, dreams of marriage. The opportunity comes when a handsome prince from a wealthy kingdom asks her to marry him. However, it soon turns out that the wedding is a cover for an ancient ritual, of which the heroine herself falls victim. Elodie will have to grow up quickly to face the danger that awaits her, as well as avenge the wrong done to her and her ancestors. Since its premiere, “The Lady” has been winning the Netflix movie ratings for a reason.

Among Netflix's new releases, we select the best movie premieres of recent months. (Photo: press materials)

“Einstein and the Bomb”: After Oppenheimer

Among the most watched films on the platform is also the docudrama “Einstein and the Bomb.” The production presents a lesser-known, but highly formative period in the life of a prominent physicist who, after escaping Nazi Germany, finds shelter in a log cabin in the woods of Norfolk, England. There, Einstein (Aidan McArdle) made a number of decisions that changed his fate and, indirectly, the entire world. The fictional documentary script was based on the scientist's speeches, letters and interviews. If you've seen Oppenheimer's Oscar-winning film, Einstein and the Bomb will be an interesting addition to the history of devastating invention.

“The Devil Wears Prada”: the return of the classic

The list of films worth watching must include one of the funniest comedies about the fashion industry. Aspiring journalist Andrea Sachs (Anne Hathaway) is hired as assistant to Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep), editor-in-chief of Runway magazine. The initially skeptical heroine, over time, devotes herself entirely to her work and transforms from an ugly duckling of fashion into an elegant swan. The heroine's transformation scene (and all the memes it started) will never get boring, just like “The Devil Wears Prada” itself.

Netflix's best movies aren't just blockbuster productions, but also more modest titles that can elude even the most attentive viewers. Here are a few of them. (Photo: press materials)

'Last Night in Soho': a stylish thriller

Unlike Andy, Eloise (Thomasin McKenzie) has dreamed of a career in fashion since childhood. For this purpose, he moves to London, where he mysteriously meets the talented singer Sandy (Anya Taylor-Joy). In this swinging, neon-lit city, nothing is as it seems. That ephemeral description should be enough for you, because “Last Night in Soho” is best watched completely blind.

“Favorites”: court intrigues

Before directors Giorgos Lanthimos and Emma Stone gave the world “Poor Things,” the pair worked together on the equally elegant “The Favourite,” which chronicles the bickering between cousins ​​Lady Sarah and Abigail (Rachel Weisz Weston) as they seek the Queen's favors. Unstable Anne (Academy Award winner Olivia Colman). “The Favourite” is not only a world-class tragicomedy, but also one of the best fashion films of recent years. Industry legend Sandy Powell was responsible for the creations that created a new era.

What to watch on Netflix? We pick out the best movie premieres that are worth giving a chance to. (Photo: press materials)

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