The Lord of the Rings from Amazon with a big change.  The second season will start soon

The Lord of the Rings series is one of the most important projects developing Amazon’s streaming platform library. We have already learned the release date of the first season, the creators are slowly approaching the second season, but the label intends to make a significant change in the location of the works.

The series “Lord of the Rings” is one of the most promising productions that interest many viewers, and not only fans of J.R.R. Tolkien’s works, from the first news of the launch of the project. Amazon spares no blackheads on a budget, ensuring that it will be a large-scale spectacle – similar to the case of recent movies. Filming for the first season ended on August 2nd Post-production has begun and will run until June 2022. In the meantime, the crew will begin recording the second season at a new location.

The cast of The Lord of the Rings moves to Great Britain. Thus, for the first time a contemporary portrait will be created in Tolkien’s world outside of New Zealand. However, it should be noted that this change is not too surprising if we follow the following high-budget projects created for Amazon Prime Video. Based on the novel by Neil Gaiman, the series “Annancy Boys”, the upcoming season of “Good Omen” and “Strength” is also being created in the islands.

“We want to thank the people and the government of New Zealand for their hospitality and dedication, and for providing a wonderful setting for The Lord of the Rings to begin this epic journey,” said Vernon Sanders, Vice President of Amazon Studios.

We don’t know much about the episode’s story in the climate world. Amazon has only shared rudimentary information, stating that the plot of the series will be set thousands of years before the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. The heroes will have to face a new evil in Middle-earth. Looking forward to receiving more materials from production. The series will premiere on September 2, 2022.


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