'Normal': Bob Odenkirk in new action film from 'John Wick' author
Bob Odenkirk will play the lead role in the action movie “Normal.” The script was written by Derek Kolstad, known for the “John Wick” series, with whom the actor had the opportunity to work on “Nobody” from 2021. Ben Wheatley (“Meg 2”, “Free Fire”) will be behind the camera.

“Normal”: What will the movie be about?

The film tells the story of the mysterious Ulysses (Odenkirk), who is forced to accept a temporary job as mayor in the sleepy town of Normal. One day, the local bank is robbed by a pair of strangers. Having arrived at the crime scene, the hero discovers a large-scale conspiracy in which all the inhabitants of Normal are involved. Ulysses, who has thus far focused on fighting his inner demons, must confront a criminal conspiracy.

Odenkirk, Kolstad and Mark Professero will produce films (“No One,” “Do No Harm”). “natural”. The creators are currently looking for investors through the European Film Market.

How do we know Bob Odenkirk?

Bob Odenkirk made his big screen debut with an episode in “Wayne's World 2.” His filmography includes roles in films such as Alexander Payne's “Nebraska,” Steven Spielberg's “The Fourth Estate,” Greta Gerwig's “Little Women” and the action film “Nobody.” He is best known for his appearances in “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul.” In both series he played Saul Goodman – an ex-con and a lawyer representing criminals. We recently got to see the actor in the series “Lucky Hank” which was unfortunately canceled after the first season.

In the movie “no one” Odenkirk plays Hutch – a seemingly normal, laid-back man who, when faced with an attack, will do anything to avoid the violence. In fact, he still retained his true nature – but it would soon reveal itself to the accompaniment of bone-crunching and blood-splattering.

Despite the pandemic, the film grossed $55 million in theaters on a $16 million budget.

“Nobody” movie trailer

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