The Lenovo Tab P11 Pro Gen 2 with OLED is now on sale at a great price!

I dare say that the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro Gen 2 with OLED is one of the most interesting and affordable tablets. Therefore, check out the promotion prepared by Polish stores, because it is worth it. Only now you can purchase this model at a discount.

Well-known store in Poland x-Come Prepared an interesting proposal. You can now purchase at a promotional price Lenovo Tab P11 Pro 2nd generation In version 8/256 GB. Its current price 1,699 Polish zloty.

Still not everything. You can currently also purchase this model in store RTV Euro AGD the Media expert. I would like to note that all sellers are official partners of the manufacturer. This is important in terms of warranty.

Lenovo Tab P11 Pro 2nd Generation from Sinyo

Lenovo Tab P11 Pro 2nd generation specifications

I know many ManiaKs rule out tablets due to the lack of an LTE modem. That is why I begin the description with this absence. Lenovo Tab P11 Pro It does not have a 4G/5G module, but it controls the connection Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, GPS + GLONASS.

Personally, I do not consider it a minus, because I mainly use tablets at home/apartment. However, it is worth noting because needs may be different.

O takim tablecie z Androidem marzyłem. Praca i rozrywka na nim to czysta przyjemność

Controls performance Mediatek 1300 company And 8 GB RAM. The setup works great for everyday work. Data memory is provided 256 GB. It can be extended if necessary. There was a lot of equipment Micro memory card port.

Fills the front 11.2-inch OLED screen With the decision 2.5 k And refreshing 120 Hz. The front panel supports content HDR 10+And Dolby Vision. In addition, she takes pride in the certification TÜV Complete CareWhich protects the user’s eyes.

The tablet has a set of two cameras. The front offers a matrix 8 megapixelwhile the eyelet at the back is the matrix 13 megapixel With auto focus. The whole thing is enriched with: Four JBL speakers with Dolby Atmos support.

Lenovo Tab P11 Pro Gen 2/Foot.

The dimensions of the device are as follows: 263.66 mm x 166.67 mm x 6.8 mm. Weight casing 480 grams Accommodates battery 8000 mAh with shipping 18 watts. The standard USB Type C cable is USB C 3.0.

The model works Android 12. The manufacturer announced two major updates Support will end with system version 14. Optionally, you can purchase an additional keyboard and pen, but this involves additional costs.

By the way, check out the announcement of the launch of the Meizu 21 series. It is very important for at least two reasons.

Ta premiera jest bardzo ważna. Wprowadzi na rynek tanie flagowce z SD8G3 i najcieńszymi ramkami

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