Joseph Faris is totally against NFT in matches
December 27, 2021, 13:06

NFT in gaming generates a lot of controversy which can be seen in players’ reactions and more. Joseph Faris, creator of It Takes Two, is also against introducing tokens in games.


  1. Joseph Faris, creator of It Takes Two, says he will be taking a knee shot rather than incorporating NFT technology into his upcoming productions.
  2. As he says, games weren’t made to make money? They are art.

Joseph Fares, founder of Hazelight Studio, shared his thoughts on the submission tokenow NFT for games. The developer is not convinced by this solution that he puts it in blunt words saying that ?? Prefer to have a knee ball?? Who implement ntf tokens that ?? of their production. statement – statement visibly widened. As we read in interview For the Washington Post:

Whatever you do in a game that you design to make the player pay, or do anything to get them to spend money, I think it’s wrong. If you are making a game to tell a story, this is the game [wymuszanie p³atnoœci – dop. red.] Misplaced.


As Faris mentioned, game development is an art for him, not just a way to make a lot of money. This seems like a far-fetched approach at the moment, especially if we look at how quickly other companies in the gaming industry can make the mistake? They plan to introduce unique tokens into their production.

In this regard, Ubisoft comes out on top with the Quartz platform and belief About the fact that NFT is the future of gaming. Right after our French company Petra MolinoxaWho created a game based entirely on blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and non-fungible tokens. Square Enix also explores this topic.

originator take two He also touched on the issue of continuous support for games and the possibility of playing them several times. Faris asserts that his upcoming productions will certainly not focus on this issue. This is explained by the fact that Single player games that focus on storytelling have problems other than the fact that they don’t offer games for a dozen bugs? Several hundred hours.

So, from Knight’s interview, we haven’t learned much about what the developer’s next game should look like. Instead, we have sure?? æ, which would not be.


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