How to strengthen the Wi-Fi signal and increase the network coverage?  These methods will improve the quality of the internet in your home

Wireless Internet at home is a topic that often causes intense feelings among interlocutors. The biggest advantage is the method of use, but often the home Internet signal is not enough. Then I have to use the cellular connection or get close to the transmitter. See simple and practical ways to improve WiFi coverage.


WIFI Wireless fidelity Wireless Compatibility) is a set of standards used in wireless computer networks. This technology is primarily used to build local networks over short distances. These standards are constantly being developed by an organization called the Wi-Fi Alliance. A big advantage of the emergence of new versions of this standard is their backward compatibility, which means that any device with a Wi-Fi code is compatible with other similar devices.

The word “Wi-Fi” relates primarily to wireless internet found in the home, but also in public places and hotels. This standard is equipped with every modern “smart” electronic device, from phones and computers to televisions and game consoles. Household appliances, such as washing machines, refrigerators, and vacuum cleaners, are frequently connected to the network without the use of cables.

  • The first and simplest indicator is the icon that appears at the top or bottom of the screen while connected to the router. The weaker the grid range, the fewer lines visible on the icon. Unfortunately, this form of verification is not very accurate;
  • However, there are many free apps that display more accurate values ​​and data. It is worth downloading one of them to see if actions aimed at improving the situation are effective.

The backbone of a home Wi-Fi network is usually a router that your ISP provides with the service. This device depends on many factors. However, we can help the internet at home in other ways as well.

See how you can strengthen your Wi-Fi signal. We are calling!


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